Jeffrey Dean Morgan Takes the Role of Negan very seriously. You can tell by watching any scene with the actor on the Walking Dead. He apparently stays in character off set too, even wearing the same clothes or at least all black. Something else has developed during the shooting of The Walking Dead. The actor has grown quite an attachment to Negan’s baseball bat. The 34 inch Lucille has given the actor a different feeling while playing the role of Negan while he is grasping Lucille.

“It really kind of, for me, informed my character and who I was — just kind of the heft of her and the love that he has for her,” Morgans says about the bat wrapped in barbed wire. “It makes him hard, for God’s sake, just holding her. But it was great care taken with Lucille from the guys that built her.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks About His Role as Negan

“There’s something about her, especially when there’s blood dripping off her. There’s a certain beauty that she has. And for me it’s an extension of Negan. They become one in these scenes together. It’s his d—. I mean, for lack of a better thing, it really is.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks About His Role as NeganMorgan is not Negan without Lucille. Lucille is an extension of the Walking Dead Villain. The character is not the same without his prized baseball bat.

“It’s how he walks differently with her, he holds her, and it’s a part of him,” Morgan said next. “He uses her to emphasize certain points, not just ‘I’m going to kill you.’ There’s a thing that he has with Lucille, and it’s as close to love as maybe Negan will ever have. He loves Lucille. She’s a character of her own. I mean, she really is, and I love the way he talks about her and he feels about her and how he treats her. But yeah, the first time I held her I knew — this is it.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks About His Role as Negan and Lucille in More Depth

Negan’s bat Lucille has definitely taken on a will of her own. Negan uses the bat to communicate his words in a very intimidating, effective way. I’m sure the cast feels the same way every time they’re looking up the shaft of it up at Negan. Even though it’s a television show, I imagine the tension is still strong.

In regards to Negan’s appearances on the Walking Dead, it’s been decided he’ll have a regular role in the show starting in Season 7. Does that mean Negan will be killing off more of Rick’s gang during the episode? We’ll soon find out and learn a lot more about Negan, possibly his background and what has made him the brutal leader he is today. Jeffery Dean Morgan is definitely excited about his change to star in more scenes with his lovely Lucille. He anticipates showing fans everywhere, how incredibly skilled with his one and only true love. Sounds like Rick is in for some hard times, hopefully he’ll still be around after the season premier.

Season 7 of the Walking Dead Airs at 9 PM ET on AMC.

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