It’s clear there will never be a trusting relationship between Daryl and Dwight.

At first, when they met in the woods (pre-face burn), Daryl gave the man the benefit of the doubt and it nearly got him killed.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Later, on the railroad tracks, Dwight killed Denise by shooting her with a crossbow. He even said it was meant for Daryl, right before Eugene bit him to escape. Then, after everything else, Dwight was in charge of torturing Daryl.

Now, since Sherry has escaped, Dwight wants to make up and be friends.

Dwight Will Do Anything For Sherry

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Despite how awful Dwight was when he first met Daryl, it became clear in Season 7 that most of his actions were done in order to help or protect his former wife, Sherry. He would literally do anything for love.

Now that she’s gone, he has no reason to keep doing these things in order to survive. In fact, it’s obvious he’s willing to die in order to help others at this point. He’s finally thinking of the group and not just himself and his wife.

But Daryl would never do the things Dwight did in order to save himself.

Dwight Can’t Trust (Or Respect) Dwight

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Daryl was taken to the Sanctuary, he never broke down and said that he would also be a “Negan.” In fact, there wasn’t really anything Negan could do to Daryl to make him think that way.

Because Dwight (and Eugene) were willing to break, Daryl will never really respect them as people to work with. However, Dwight is likely Daryl’s best chance at getting the best of Negan and the other Saviors.

In the end, while vengeance has never been a real motivator for Daryl, after he gets what he wants out of Dwight, he may go ahead and take him out.

Do you think Daryl Dixon would kill Dwight?

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