While I’ve been doing my research on golden retrievers, one thing I have noticed that people want to know about is English Golden Retrievers. I am quite the hardcore dog lover, but I never heard of this type of dog before. Does the dog bark in a British accent? Probably not, but that would be one dignified canine! Now I’m dedicating an article to not only answer your questions, but also my own. The answers may surprise you.

This “breed” of dog is more commonly called an “English Cream Golden Retriever.” Such a dignified title. Reading up on the subject, I get a sense that people on the Internet try to con people into believing that these dogs are rare and worth a lot of money. Some go even as far to call them Rare White European Golden Retrievers’ or ‘Exquisite Platinum Imported Golden Retrievers’.

 Golden Cream Retrievers are frequently being described as being healthier,  having better temperament, and having stronger longevity. The overall implication is that they are more valuable than the more golden-colored Golden Retrievers bred in North America. Due to these common marketing ploys the average puppy buyer sometimes mistakes such light-colored Golden Retrievers for being a separate breed. This is very untrue.

This is from the Golden Retriever Club of America:

“The Golden Retriever Club of America would like to emphasize to breeders and puppy buyers alike that the cream color has always been part of the full spectrum of colors found in the breed. Feathering may be lighter than rest of coat. With the exception of graying or whitening of face or body due to age. Or any white marking, other than a few white hairs on the chest, should raise up a red flag. Allowable light shadings are not to be confused with white markings.

Predominant body color which is either extremely pale or extremely dark is undesirable. Some latitude should be given to the light puppy whose coloring shows promise of deepening with maturity. Any noticeable area of black or other off-color hair is a serious fault.”

Light RetrieverLight Retriever

Picture taken from: http://galaxygoldens.com/OurGoldens/index.html

The Golden Retriever breed originates from Scotland, which is a part of Great Britain. All Golden Retrievers across the world are descended from this land. To call the current light ones ‘English Cream Golden Retrievers’ is a fraud. In fact, the majority of these dogs do not even come from England, but are bred right here in North America. Or they are descended from dogs that have been imported from various European countries. Such as Scandinavia, New Zealand and Australia. You can also find very dark colored Golden Retrievers overseas, just as you can find very pale cream North American bred retrievers.

As you can see, there is really no such thing as an “English Cream Golden Retriever.” All golden retrievers are just that, golden retrievers. This is just a way for dishonest breeders to try and get money out of prospective dog owners. For those of you who may have been wondering about “English Cream Golden Retrievers,” I hope this has provided some insight.

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