Yes, Goldens need to be groomed. Obviously, they have such long pretty coats and owners what to keep it that way. If you plan to do all of your own grooming, I highly recommend that you use professional grade shears. This will not only make your job easier, the shears will last a lifetime without the constant need of sharpening (

Sebolux Shampoo


Most Goldens have sensitive skin, which is why Sebolux is recommended. You can bathe your dog in Sebolux as often as you like, without ever having to worry about drying out their coat. It is a medicated shampoo and really does wonders for the coat. Sebolux is a concentrated shampoo so you should mix it with an equal amount of water. Simply use an empty dish washing liquid bottle for mixing. It will be easier to use and last longer too. Using Sebolux will give your Golden a beautiful coat that shines.

Ear Cleaning

Every dog needs to have their ears cleaned. Some may require cleaning more often to avoid ear infections. Eight out of ten Goldens that come into rescue have an ear infection because no one had cleaned them. It is extremely important that their ears be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid ear infections and hematomas.

Hematomas are very painful to a dog and costly for the owner. If you have a Golden that swims a lot, their ears should be cleaned every time they come out of the water. We already have an article out on a specific ear cleaning solution.


Styptic powder is an absolute must if you are planning to do the nails yourself. It is important to have a styptic powder on hand in case you accidentally clip the dog’s “quick” while you are doing their nails. Try “Top Performance” made with Benzocaine, which helps alleviate the pain as well as stop the bleeding.

Clipping the nails can create rough edges. You will want a file to smooth the nail after clipping, thus avoiding being scratched when your dog “paws” you to be pet.


A Porcupine brush is the choice of professional groomers. This brush simply does a better job on a Golden’s coat because it has bristles and tips. The bristles on the brush polish the coat as the dog is brushed, helping to maintain the coat’s natural shine. Porcupine brushes are more expensive than the standard pin brush, but for the owner serious about keeping their Golden beautiful, brushed and groomed, it is well worth the extra money.

Smaller is Better

You may be asking, “Why would I want a small slicker when I have a big dog?” The reason we use the small slicker on a Golden is because it is much easier to get underneath their front and back legs, and to work delicate areas like behind the ears.

This article is running a bit long. So, we will be publishing a part 2 sometime soon. In the meantime, share your Golden Retriever grooming tips in the comments below.

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