Unhappy dogs suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone. Here are some practical ways to help your sad, anxious, or bored dog feel secure when he is home alone. 

Rescue dogsSeparation Anxiety impacts lonely dogs.

Separation anxiety shows up in many ways. Howling, barking constantly, whining, and crying are good indicators of separation anxiety. But don’t fear, there are several things you can do to help your dog feel safe when you aren’t there.

Put On Background Noise For Separation Anxiety.

Turn on the television or tune into the radio while you are gone. Be sure to turn on the noise for at least thirty minutes before you go. This familiarizes your dog to sound while you are home and away. Find some great dog music here, to play while you’re out. 

Plan A Consistent Daily Routine For Your Dog

When adopting dogs, be aware they may show signs of separation anxiety by vocalizing their disapproval when they are left alone. Develop a consistent routine or daily plan for your dog to help overcome stress. Schedule your dog’s eating, playing, and exercising time for each day. Stick to this for at least a week to have the best results. Regardless of your routine, your dog’s daily regimen must stay timely.

Play And Excercise Your Dog’s Blues Away

German ShepherdsCommunication with dog done right

Think of your separation anxiety filled dog as a capped bottle. If you shake the bottle enough, it will explode. But if you shake the bottle and gently twist off the cap, the fizz will escape, but no explosion will occur. Engaging your dog in daily play and exercise is, in essence, a gentle twisting off of his cap. Think how good you feel when you do the things you love. Seratonin, the happy hormone, is released in the same way for dogs when they play and exercise.

Many anxiety riddled owners turn to drugs to calm their dogs. Try the play and exercise plan first; you may be surprised at the results.

Pretend You Are Leaving And That It’s No Big Deal

The next seven to eight times you leave, don’t go off property. If you have an enclosed room for your dog, say goodbye and close the door. Take a five-minute walk outside, then come back in and say hi. Then leave for real. He will be more patient in anticipation of you coming right back. Remember, it will take several days of consistent “pretending to leave” to make this work. 

Suppress your emotions and act as though it’s no big deal when you leave or come back. 

This emotionally void reaction is critical to help your separation anxiety filled dogs. They must believe it’s no big deal for you, the pack leader, to go away and or come back. If you’re good with it, your dog will be good with it too.

Consider these tips for the first three months; you have a rescue dog.

Give these a try and let us know how it goes!

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