Why Country Music Doesn’t Suck – Part 1 (a Direct Response to Mustang News)


country music

This article is a direct response to an article called “Why your music sucks: Country edition” published in Mustang News. 

Let me respectfully present the other side to the argument that country music sucks.

Let me first say that I don’t like every single country music song. I prefer Johnny Cash, but I can appreciate Luke Bryan’s songs and Carrie Underwood’s voice. 

But I think there’s a way to go about expressing your opinions on music without coming off as condescending or dismissive. You can have a conversation with people about music rather than lecturing the reader or yelling at the other side. 

So here’s my contribution to the conversation about why country music doesn’t suck.

You’ll see a quote from the Mustang News article with my argument below it.

Alright, here we go…

“Ask anyone who enjoys country music to explain what makes it so good, and they can’t.”

Can you provide quotes from actual country music fans? The quotes you provided are — how do I say this — imaginary. You go on and on with this point, but this whole argument assumes you know what country fans would say. 

If you had quoted actual fans, then that point would have some muscle to it.

“Willie Nelson: Sucks” / “Dolly Parton: The original Silicon Valley” / “Hank Williams: Killed himself because he couldn’t stand his own music”

Okay, so saying Willie Nelson sucks without giving any reasons for why you dislike his music is an empty argument — fluff, as they say. 

Explain what you mean by calling Parton “Silicon Valley” and why, if it were the case, that’s a bad thing.

In regard to Hank Williams, Sr. killing himself: c’mon. That’s low. This was a real person we’re talking about here. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 117 people commit suicide each day.

This isn’t a laughing matter. That was a tasteless joke.

“The shitty stars have continued into present day — take Taylor Swift, a.k.a. Taydolf Swiftler, for example. There is so much to say about this psycho…”

What’s with the 14-year-old boy jokes? Why are you comparing Swift to one of the biggest mass murderers in history? And can you back up calling her a psycho? 

I know these one-two jabs sound edgy and you’re trying to be funny, but you’re just throwing insults out and hoping they stick. And they don’t support your argument against the quality of country music.

“She would never have been popular if it wasn’t for you hicks, so go to hell.”

Getting personal in a debate about music for no apparent reason — nice move. I highly doubt that Swift’s fame has affected your life so much that you feel the need to tell all hicks to “go to hell.” 

Would you say that to a country music fan’s face?

“Everything is the God­damned Same.”

I’ll give you examples of how different country artists are very different from each other…

Chris Stapleton vs Carrie Underwood

Zac Brown Band vs Kelly Ballerini

Obviously, very different styles. And those are just a couple examples out of the thousands of instances. 

My ending comment for part one will be this: Annie Vainshtein, try finding the good in music (and in life) no matter what genre. Try to appreciate the work that the songwriter/singer/musician put into it, even if it’s not your first choice of music. 

In future posts, I’ll be going through the rest of the (super long) article from Mustang News and providing the other side of this conversation.

Stay tuned for part two of “Why country music doesn’t suck.” Make sure to join the conversation below — tell me what you think of country music.