99% Of Janis Joplin Fans Don’t Know This One Fact About her…


Janis Joplin was much more than the sex friendly musician who overdosed from heroin at the age of 27.

10 Unknown things about janis joplin

During a time where legends of rock were born, the infamous Janis Joplin was in a category of her own. The 1960s were an era of peace, love, sex, and drugs. Janis is often used as a symbol of the ’60s for that reason. 

 In the spaces between shooting dope and playing music Joplin dealt with some of the same issues we do. Though drugs are a normal association with rock stars, Janis Joplin was an actual heroin addict. Addicts are not using the drug recreationally anymore, Janis was using the drug out of necessity. 

In general, addicts have much deeper issues they are attempting to solve with their drug of choice. Janis Joplin was no different.

Though the facts of Janis Joplin’s life are now well-known, some facts humanizing the late vocalist may still be surprising. 

  1. Her Last Recording Was A Birthday Recording For John Lennon

On October 1, 1970 Janis Joplin recorded Happy Trails for The Beatles legend, who said he received the recording after Joplin days after her passing. The Happy Trails lyrics creepily foretelling “until we meet again.”

2. Janis Was A Very Lonely Person

Though the singer had many lovers, she admitted she frequently felt alone. The singer was once quoted as saying “on stage, I make love to 25,000 people then I go home alone.”  This perhaps being a piece in her addiction puzzle.

3. You Could Have Seen Janis Joplin For $8 At Woodstock

This meager amount of money would have paid for an entire day pass. Reportedly Joplin was paid $7,500 for the gig.

4.  Janis Joplin’s Only Number One Hit Was The Song “Me and Bobby McGee”

The song hit number one in 1971 after Joplin’s death.

5.  Janis Paid Tribute To Her Hero

Joplin said her biggest influence was blues singer Bessie Smith who died in 1937 following a car accident. Joplin added a headstone to the once unmarked burial ground for the late blues queen.

6.  Broke A Bottle Over Jim Morrison’s Head

Janis Joplin knocked The Doors Lizard King out cold, who awoke in love with Joplin. Her fiery attitude and this violent confrontation turned him on, so he asked for her number.  Janis Joplin turned Morrison down repeatedly. Morrison was apparently heartbroken she would never go out with him.

7.  Janis Joplin Owned A Hippie-Porsche

Though Joplin always claimed that the music was never about making money, she did own a Porsche that she turned into a full on hippie love machine.

8.  The Name ‘Pearl’ Came From Her Best-Friends

After being called Pearl by her inner-circle for so long Janis Joplin decided to use the name as the title of what would be her final album, Pearl.

9.  The Billie Holiday Biography Was Her Bible

Janis Joplin was never without her copy of Billie Holiday’s biography which she treated like her blues-bible.

Number 10 will give you chills…

10. Janis Joplin’s Ashes Were Spread Over The Ocean

death of janis joplin

In a private funeral, where only her parents and aunt were in attendance, the ashes of the little lady that made love to thousands from a stage, were spread over the waves in the Pacific Ocean.  

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