Miranda Lambert reaching out to Brooke from stage (photo from Country 106.5 WYRK)Miranda Lambert reaching out to Brooke from stage (photo from Country 106.5 WYRK)

During a concert in Texas, Miranda Lambert could barely hold it together after seeing a little girl with cancer.

That little girl was Brooke Hester — she was battling neuroblastoma, a cancer that forms in nerve tissue, for over half of her life. 

After going through years of chemotherapy and many other treatments, she was able to catch a break by going to the Miranda Lambert concert in Corpus Christi, Texas.

“It was awesome,” Brooke told TODAY.com. “I thought she was really cool.”

Miranda LambertBrooke Hester (photo from Today.com)

During Lambert’s song, “Over You,” she saw Brooke in the crowd wearing a pink cowboy hat and a face mask. The singer reached into the crowd and accepted something from Brooke — a flower from her cowboy hat. The two held hands for about 17 seconds, and Lambert started to get choked up. She couldn’t go through with the rest of the song, so she held the mic out to the crowd for everyone to sing for her. As they did, she wiped away tears.

“She must really like me,” Brooke said.

This moment was just as special to Brooke’s mom.

“It was very emotional and very special,” her mom said. “It just took my breath away when I looked up, and I got the chance to look at Miranda Lambert and thank her, as she was holding Brooke’s hand, for her complete compassion that she was demonstrating to my daughter in front of all these people. And then I just kept thinking, ‘Oh, my gosh, she’s still holding her hand, she’s still holding her hand, she’s still holding her hand!’ And she wasn’t letting go.

“You could just feel the love surrounding the moment.”

Watch Miranda Lambert reach out to Brooke:  

Fans of Lambert chipped in their two cents in the comments of the video. Take a look…

“I couldn’t believe that people [were] putting her down when they first showed this. They were saying some really bad things about her[.] [T]o me she is just being a real person who was hurting for this little girl who was dying of cancer. To me[,] she is showing me that she is as human as anyone else and she can be hurt like everyone else. This will make me respect her more and love her more as a human being.” – Cheryl Chavis

“She’s so sensitive. I wish more people were. We live in such a cold world, more and more. So let your light shine everywhere that you can. It’s important!” – Mason Vega

“AMEN! ! Also all the BS she has been through! She is A Texan! Very strong and strong wit of people! Don’t ever piss them off too. My Mom is from Texas too! <3” – AthenaDD

Miranda Lambert’s new music

She recently announced that her forthcoming album, “The Weight of These Wings,” is going to be a double album. That’s understandable — she’s been working on it for two whole years.

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