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If you haven’t read part one, you can do so here. This is a direct response an article called “Why your music sucks: country edition.”

So, here goes part two. Again, you’ll see a quote from the anti-country music article with my response below it. I hope to present the other side of the discussion in this article.

“Country stars aren’t true artists because they don’t progress.”

Luke Bryan is one of the many examples of change and improvement throughout a country artist’s career.

“I love the whole evolution,” Bryan says of his shift from Georgia country to nationwide mainstream. “I’m proud of that. At the end of the day I have enjoyed every step of the way, and I tried to be positive from A-Z.

“In a 10-year career, you have to evolve, and it’s all about the fans coming along on the ride.”

“Every country song has the same formula, which is why nothing innovative ever amounts from it.”

Here are some examples of very different “formulas” and structures.

“That’s My Kind Of Night” — Luke Bryan

“I Walk the Line” — Johnny Cash

“Troubadour” — George Strait

“Also, for loving America so much, these people love being in Mexico, drinking Mexican liquor and ravishing Mexican women but hate all immigrants and everything to do with not­-America.”

Please give examples of how country artists are “ravishing Mexican women” and how they “hate all immigrants.” And how are they being “not-America”? I have no idea what you’re talking about here — it’s so vague.

“Country artists know their music blows…”

Quotes. References. That’s what the Mustang News article lacks. It’s so speculative.

“…They try to inseminate it with ‘persons of color.’ I want to know how much money Tim McGraw had to pay Nelly like 10 years ago to do that ‘Over and Over’ song.

So country artists — whom you assume are all white — are never, ever allowed to work with black artists? 

”Why Hootie, why did you leave the Blowfish and enter this realm? No one enters country music unless they’re not good enough to succeed in other genres.”

Except that Darius Rucker — because that’s his name — was good enough to succeed in another genre with Hootie and the Blowfish. And he still entered country music.  

And the rest of the article is garbage — almost like it was written by a, well, nevermind.

As I said in part one, I don’t understand why the author spews so much hate. She does editions for several different genres. Dear author, can’t you just try to enjoy music that’s not in your chosen style of music? Even if country isn’t your first option for music listening, can’t you just try to find something good in any music you hear?

Can you try to be more objective about your music reviews? Your article makes me never want to read another one of your articles. It doesn’t make me trust you as a music reviewer and/or music journalist.

Now’s your chance — speak up and defend country music. Comment!

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