Some of the best-selling books on Amazon are coloring books. Not just kids books, but coloring books designed specifically for adults. Your favorite childhood hobby is apparently something you should pick back up for your own sake. The free expression of coloring actually puts your brain into a very deep, meditative state.  At the same time, coloring also allows you to fully express yourself while awakening the creative side of your brain. And if that’s not enough for you, coloring is a proven method of stress reduction.

We all possess creative abilities within our brain. Unfortunately, many of us lose our freedom of expression as we grow into adulthood. Picking a coloring book back up helps us reinvoke that creative child side we all have. And more importantly, it also relieves anxiety and tension. Another benefit of coloring is it can unlock memories, deep from within your unconscious mind. Some of these memories can bring back powerful emotional responses that have been tucked away for years. If you have food memories of coloring as a child, it may be something to consider. Coloring could be a very healing process for you, something you could really benefit from.

Coloring Books Designed for Adults

Antoni Martinez, creator of some adult coloring books, recommends using the pastime as a stress release and relaxation technique. Use it to enter a more creative flow state, he says. Martinez also says its best to color with nice, relaxing music in the background in a peaceful setting. Just let go and let the color and the lines flow, he also adds.

Using Coloring With Meditation to Reduce StressUsing coloring for healing and stress release isn’t a new fad. According to Psychologist Ben Michaelis, there is a long history of coloring being used to relieve symptoms of mental health illnesses. Even the famous author and psychologist, Carl Jung would use coloring in order to help people let go at an unconscious level. Since then, it’s been proven coloring does in fact help to relieve stress and tension.

Using Coloring for Healing and Stress on Daily Basis

Basically, if you’re having a bad week or a bad day even, coloring is an activity that can help you achieve peace. Make it easy on yourself and find a nice place to relax. Then grab a couple of crayons or colored pencils. After that, find a blank sheet of paper or a coloring book then let go. Allow yourself to color until your hearts content. You’ll notice a big difference in your moor very quickly.

With all the stress in our daily lives, it’s nice to have as many tools at our disposal to help us cope in healthy ways. When coloring is used with meditation, you really begin to let the creative juices flow. And if you incorporate some journaling too, maybe with some meditation music and incense, you can turn a crumby day into something you’ll cherish for years to come. And the best part is you’ll learn to cope in ways that don’t involve substances or TV.

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