Are you scrimped for time? Does your day feel unbearably busy? You might need to add yoga practice into your schedule. However, that doesn’t mean you have to schedule one chunk of time. There are ways you can work meditation and poses into your regular activities.

Incorporating Yoga Practice Into Your Busy Day

Being busy is great. It means you’re being productive. It means you have purpose. However, it can also mean you’re becoming run down. There is such a thing as too busy. When we are over-scheduled, we tend to forget to care for ourselves. This pattern leads to burn out and sickness. Thankfully, you can add Yoga practice into your busy day seamlessly.

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You don’t have to find an entire hour to head to the Yoga studio. You’ll be able to add these yoga poses and mantras to your daily life. Start in the morning. With just ten minutes of gentle stretching and meditating you’ll start your day off right.

Climb out of bed and head to downward dog. You’ll get your blood flowing immediately, and you’ll start the day feeling clear and refreshed. Work through a gentle sun salutation and get your mind and body connection going. With just ten minutes in the morning, you’ll set yourself up for a peaceful and productive day.

Lunch Time Poses

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After a busy morning, fit in a quick stretch during lunch time. Twisting poses to aid in digestion. Sneak in another ten minutes of yoga practice a few minutes before heading back to work. 

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Many people experience a lull in energy in the afternoon. By 3:00 pm you’ve probably already accomplished a myriad of tasks. Reward yourself with just ten minutes of runners lunge sequences. After sitting in the car or office all day, your hips will benefit from the stretch. Plus stretching your hip flexors can alleviate back pain.

Finally, before bed each night give yourself a gentle stretch for ten minutes. End in child’s pose, allowing your brain to rest and relax for the night.

By the end of this day, you’ll have fit 40 minutes total of Yoga practice in, without making a significant time commitment. It’s easy to stay on track if you just a take a few minutes every once in a while. This small change to your routine might just work wonders.

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