Does Adopting a Dog Make You Happier?


You’ll be Surprised at How Much Work it Actually is to Own a Dog

Going home to damaged shoes and carpets. Then figuring out what they eat or why they’re sick. The trip to the vet gets annoying, too. And you have a million other things to do on top of it. Still, this whole project comes with a huge upside to it. You might be entering one of the most rewarding relationships in your whole life. Happy times, memories, photos, Instagram feeds will brighten your day. 

Generally, it is Accepted That Pets Make You Happier

Regardless of how much effort, money or energy spent. Some doctors can even prescribe getting a dog! It can help you support a healthy lifestyle – all the walks and exercises with the dog surely do help. From a psychological perspective, getting a dog is a chance to improve your mental and emotional state, fight depression or anxiety. Simply switch from thinking about your problems to thinking about your dog is a real trick many dog owners use. 

Some studies show how petting your dog can improve heart rate and blood pressure. This helps lower person’s stress and is an extremely easy way to maintain your health and emotional state. Playing with your pet can sometimes be as pleasurable as eating chocolate! The activity has been analyzed by scientists who claim that on a chemical level it brings you a sense of happiness. 

Another Obvious Benefit that Owning a Pet Brings is the Sense of Fulfillment

It is especially valid for elderly people or someone who didn’t have the chance to have a dog as a child. People who lack communication and have enormous compassion but no outlet for it get themselves dogs and cats to fulfill their need to care. 

Additionally, now you have a reason to celebrate a few more holidays! National Puppy Day, National Dog Day and so on! Who would pass the opportunity for celebrating such an awesome day: eating ice cream and cake and, possibly, getting presents for your dog? Naturally, when you have a dog you are getting a legitimate reason to go crazy on these days and celebrate all you want!

Finally, there is the case of adopting a dog. This one combines all the benefits and advantages of the previous ones. However, there is an additional sense of responsibility and achievement. You have rescued a dog and given them a second chance, a new home again. This matters enormously today, as there are literally millions of stray dogs. Who knows what can happen to them. Saving even one is a great thing to do.

Whatever is the Driving force that Motivates You to Get a Dog – Go For it

If you feel the need and know that you’ll be able to cope with all the work that comes with owning a dog – you’ll be fine. It is like starting a new friendship. Some work at the beginning is required. Some give and take from both sides. But, eventually, this is an amazing thing to experience. Whether you adopt or buy a dog, whatever the case, this will definitely make you happier.