There’s a reason why people always cry when the dog dies in the movie. Dogs are the best things that ever happened to us, humans. They don’t separate us by race, color or financial status. They don’t care how we look or dress, as long as we show some love for them.

And love is the only thing this adorable creatures deserve.

If you had, or you have a dog you’ll what we’re talking about. If you had a bad day at work, your dog will be there for you to cheer you up.

And of course, they always have faith in us. Even if their previous owner was mistreating them for months and they feel depressed, it will only take a touch of kindness from the right person and they will be to happy and joyful.

If you love dogs like we do, the following rescue stories will make your eyes rain tears of joy!

  1. The abused Pit Bull

If you thought pit bulls are dangerous dogs, you’re wrong. They’re just a reflection of their owners. If you train them with a stick and the power of your hand, they will fight back. But if you train them with understanding and love, they will turn into the best dog you ever had.

The pit bull you’re about to see was used for bait before being “thrown out.” But he was rescued and he’s with the right kind of people now.

  1. The blind dog that couldn’t walk

Treating a blind person like this would be a scandal. But treating a blind dog like this seems to be normal for some people, and it’s not. This poor little pup was abandoned at a shelter and about to be euthanized. But luckily, the Bill Foundation Dog group saved her on time!

  1. The pregnant German Shepherd/Husky mix

This shepherd/husky mom was abounded by her family, and she was about to have puppies on her own. The rescue team got a pleasant surprise, because they thought they were saving only one dog. Now the rescued mom and her pups are in a home they deserve to be, and they’re waiting for the right family to adopt them.

  1. Brother and sister rescued together

Dogs know that they should stay together when trouble comes. Sky and Apollo were abounded by their family, and they survived thanks to the kind strangers that were giving them food and water. They both were in bad condition when the rescue team found them.

  1. The stray mom and the seven little puppies

This is one of the saddest rescue story we’ve ever seen. This stray mom had no option but to give birth to her puppies in a culvert. You can tell by her eyes that she was devastated, and looking for a safe home for her adorable puppies.  But now the whole family is safe, and they’re looking for someone to offer them a happy and forever home!

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