Embrace Yoga Right Now and Gain Positive Transformation


Yoga draws all aspects of your life together creating a sense of inner harmony, promoting health and well-being. The benefits are considerable and life-transforming, and a regular yoga practice adds so many positive elements to life in more ways than you can imagine.


Yoga and flexibility

Many people turn to yoga because they realize that they need to improve physical health. As time speeds by, natural flexibility starts to wane, and reduced movement or aches and pains take their place. Unless we are mindful of how we sit and stand, posture can dramatically reduce too with slumped shoulders, a rounded back and poor core muscles becoming the norm. Unfortunately, this can lead to significant health issues if we’re not careful.

We sit or stand for long periods of time and because we often multitask and live in a distracted state of being, posture is not monitored. It’s not until your lower back aches, or, you realize your neck and shoulders are tight and, a tension headache manifests suddenly, that you realize how badly you have been sitting or standing.

When you practice yoga, you develop a natural awareness of movement. You notice those tight, aching shoulders far more quickly. You shift your position, you adjust it and you move more regularly. Yoga is renowned for increasing flexibility and it does this simply and efficiently. Each time you step onto the yoga mat, your body opens gratefully and there is often a sense of relief as you enter, hold and exit each posture.

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