DIY Crafts using juice or milk cartons are another way of recycling the things that will just end up in the garbage bins.

These boxes are perfect for craft projects because they are waterproof. When used in making various crafts, you can expect durability as if they’re still protecting their contents from spoilage.

Since most of us consume milk and juices on a daily basis, these boxes are not hard to come by.

These DIY crafts with boxes will make you ask your neighbors, local coffee shops, or diners for the milk and juice cartons that will discard after each day.

DIY Crafts with Tetra Box: Coin Purse or Wallet

DIY box purse and wallets are a good alternative to paper or fabric DIY purses because they are waterproof. Even if you get caught in the rain, you can pay the cab driver with a dry money.

Even if you use card for everything (wow, very economical), sometimes you also need to pay in cash, so it’s nice to have some bucks and coins ready. Waterproof tetra box coin purse and wallets will also come in handy for those business cards you’ve been dying to give out to people.

But really, they’re nice gift for our nature defender friends. Learn to make them here.

DIY Crafts with Tetra Box: Lanterns

Tetra box, s I’ve said earlier are waterproof and that’s what makes them perfect for outdoor lanterns projects.

Milk and juice cartons can serve as base for paper, fabric or plastic lanterns instead of the wood frames that needs some nailing. Different versions of tetra box lamp tutorials are available online.

You can also make a cityscape-inspired lamps by cutting “windows” and “doors” on the carton and painting them with black to make them look like skyscraper silhouettes.

Come Christmas season, you can paint and decorate them with other recyclable finds, and these can be converted into a pretty Christmas Village for your living room.

Check the tutorial for the lamp pictured above here.

DIY Crafts with Tetra Box: Tote Bag

For when you need something from the meat or fish section of the supermarket and they pack it in a paper bag.

I know, right? We can’t blame the supermarkets or the legislators though as they are just trying to reduce our plastic consumption.

Good thing that you can make a tote bag out of your empty milk and juice cartons. You just need to cut them into strips and weave them. Get the tutorial here.

DIY Crafts with Tetra Box: Pendant Lamp

I mean, I would not believe that is made from tetra boxes until I see the real thing. (I’ve seen the pictures and I can’t still believe my eyes.)

But it’s true! You can make the pendant lamp from several cartons of milk. You’re just going to need a lot of milk or juice carton. (How? Check my Plan A above. Ask your neighbors.)

For its beauty, it can pass as a modern piece of art in a museum or a costly light fixture you bought at a well-known furniture shop.

This is a pendant light by Ed Chew. Read all about it here.

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