It seems now more than ever millennials need Yoga for balance. However, it’s not necessarily physical balance they lack. It’s work-life balance.

Yoga For Balance

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Millenials need yoga for balance. The latest generation to hit the workforce is known for their hustle. They carry multiple jobs. They inherited a tough economy. Many of them still live at home and are desperately trying to save to move out.

However, one Yoga instructor believes a little yoga for balance could be all they are missing. Julia Guerra told Elite Daily, “Blame it on social media or a cut-throat job market, but we’re constantly on the go, and while that might be necessary for our career paths or just to keep up with society in general, we rarely, if ever, pause for a moment and give thanks for the here, now, and what we’ve already been given in this life.”

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It seems millennials are always thinking about the next big thing. They have serious goals and big dreams. However, Julia wants them to focus on what’s happening right now. Yoga can help them do just that. Yoga forces its participants to become in tune with the right now. Yogis take a little time each day to stay centered and present. It helps them greatly in all areas of life.

Power Poses

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“Power poses” are a big part of Yoga. They refer to poses that are open and held for over two minutes. That’s some serious yoga for balance. CNN reported that these types of poses, “decrease cortisol and increase testosterone, a confidence-boosting hormone, for less anxiety and more self-assuredness.” 

Yoga not only keeps these millennials grounded. It also helps them build communities. Having friends in a regular Yoga class can build up a person’s confidence. Many millennials hide behind computers of social media. Going to an actual class promotes the social situations they need to thrive.

Will you try out Yoga for balance shortly?

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