How To Set Your Boomer Friend Up With a Blind Date


When we were younger, we did it and had it done to us. But would we set up a blind date now? Sometimes playing matchmaker is still needed to help our friends find companionship.

fix friend with blind date

When we were in high school, it could be a dirty trick. We met someone ill-suited for our tastes and were immediately disheartened. Then the night ended in disaster and we went home feeling miserable– if we made it through the evening. Then, we wised-up and turned down further surprises. 

However, now that we’re older and have more mature friends, we may be willing to “go blind” once more and so may our friends. However, we have a word of caution– we must make sure both parties involved in our scheme are on the lookout for a new relationship. 

When I chose to set up a couple of friends, I first compared their backgrounds. Then where they wanted to go in the future. Each had one child, shared a similar social-economic status, and loved to explore international cuisine. I arranged for them to meet at a Thai restaurant and waited for the report. It was “maybe” at first sight and two years later they married.

When You’re All in it Together 

fix friend blind date

Women set up the most blind dates. We know which friends are available and scour our circle of contacts for a possible match. 

Here are a few tips for getting them together:

  • Once you’ve determined they may fit, schedule a date both will enjoy.
  • Don’t assume they want to be alone– make a group date if desired.
  • Follow up with both friends to get their impressions.
  • Help them meet again if they wish.
  • If they’re not sure, give it some time and offer to help in the future.
  • If it didn’t work as expected, be supportive and try again if allowed.

Of course, your friends are relying on you to set up only the best blind dates with people of good character and standing. This is no longer high school so blind dating can be honest, mature fun.

Have you ever played the matchmaker? How did it go?