3Jim Parsons and Ellen Degeneres

Jim Parsons and Ellen Degeneres have a special bond. Jim has appeared on Ellen’s show a handful of times and they always seem to have a great time. Of course, Ellen always brings out the best in people. However, there’s something about these two that just really makes us smile.

Jim’s first time on the Ellen show occurred in 2010, right when he was receiving major acclaim for his work as Sheldon Cooper. Jim opened up by telling Ellen that one of his favorite coffee mugs was an “ELLEN” mug. Clearly, he was a huge fan and Ellen was very flattered. Jim had seen her at the People’s Choice Awards and said, “I was very excited when I saw you!” 

The two were clearly hitting it off. Their dry humor going back and forth was great entertainment. Ellen even ended up gifting Jim with a new mug, plate, and hilarious wine glass. It was clearly a match from the beginning. 

When Jim Parsons performed in the project The Normal Heart, he talked to Ellen about the work’s importance in the gay community and in telling a story that needs to be told. The Normal Heart depicts a time in history when scientists and people all over the world were confused and frightened by the AIDS virus, and as a result treated LGBTQ citizens harshly. 

In this candid and beautiful exchange, Jim takes a moment to thank Ellen for her openness. He says he is “standing on her shoulders” for the example she has set as an out woman in entertainment. It’s touching to see him be so honest and thankful for Ellen’s great bravery and work.


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