In case you weren’t able to catch it, the season 10 premiere of the Big Bang Theory left the audience with a cliffhanger. The episode picks up with Sheldon worrying about his mother being with Leonard’s father. Even though Penny tries to reassure him, he quickly switches to other worries. Typical Sheldon.

The Guests Arrive

Leonard’s mom, Beverly, arrives the next morning and breaks the news that she won’t be able to attend the wedding. She refuses to stay while Alfred (Leonard’s dad) is with a “Bible-thumping bumpkin” (Sheldon’s mom). Penny reminds Beverly that if she leaves, it will prove that the situation got to her. Thus destroying her cold façade.


Meanwhile, Howard is still worrying that the government is out to steal his gyroscope. While he and Bernadette discuss how his paranoia got him a $500 speeding ticket, Raj answers the door to a man by the name of Colonel Williams (Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris) in a military uniform. Raj pretends Howard isn’t home and promises to relay the message to call Colonel Williams.

Back with the wedding group, Penny picks up her family from the airport and we finally meet her mother, Susan (played by Katey Sagal). We also meet Penny’s brother, played by Jack McBrayer. Randall, the brother, is an apparent meth addict.

While Penny’s family makes their way to the apartment, Sheldon straight up asks Alfred if he had sex his mother. He actually went there. It is revealed that the two never slept together. They simply shared a cab. However, they are discussing visiting each other. Beverly is unhappy with this, which pleases Alfred. Mary announces she genuinely likes Alfred and its Sheldon’s turn to be miffed.

The WeddingThe Wedding    Credit:

The Wedding

The wedding finally starts and Bernadette officiates while Amy plays the harp in a beautiful outdoor pavilion. Penny professes her love for Leonard and praises their very smart decision to elope the first time. I mean look at all that is going on around them. Leonard declares he doesn’t understand how someone like Penny could end up with someone like him, but he pushes away the thought and decides to just be grateful. Much like the whole “pastry conversation.”

Suddenly, Sheldon hops up to make an announcement. As Amy leans in, anticipating a proposal, Sheldon joins the bride and groom at the altar. He announces he has always considered Leonard family, even before the fornication rumors between the parents. Bernadette pronounces the trio as man and wife…”and the weird other husband who came with the apartment”. Ha! Comedy gold!


That was the premiere in a nutshell. So, will things from this episode be cleared up in the next? Will Walowitz’s invention be taken from him? What will that do to Baby Walowitz’s trust fund? Will Leonard’s parents ever get along? Will Leonard ever have a relationship with his mother? Is Randall secretly selling meth to the wedding guests? Will Sheldon ever propose to Amy? Or at least move in with her? And the age old question…will Raj ever find the right girl? Will these questions be answered this season? We’ll just have to tune in to find out.

Comment below. Were you satisfied with the premiere?

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