Daryl And Carol’s Heartbreaking Reunion

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

During Daryl and Carol’s reunion, he decided to lie to her about Glenn and Abraham so she would think everyone was fine. Something in the next episode makes her decide that this likely isn’t the truth though.

In the clip for “Bury Me Here,” Carol asks Morgan for the truth and then it appears that she heads out on her own. However, before she leaves, she takes the time to dig up a grave for herself in case things go wrong.

Carol certainly doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone after all.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For most fans, it was difficult to watch Daryl and Carol’s reunion. It was even more difficult to watch Carol cry, which made Daryl lie to her about Negan’s many kills. Whatever happened to her, she’s on a warpath like she was back at Terminus.

Carol has already revealed that this life will be the end of her. Now that it looks like she’s going back out on her own, it’s likely that she’ll either die on the road or risk her life to save others and possible die in the process.

This doesn’t mean she isn’t currently prepared though.

Fearless, Brave, And Whatever It Takes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Out of the many characters with major story arcs, Carol is perhaps the most similar to Breaking Bad. She went from a calm person who was basically a victim, and now she is “the one who knocks,” so to speak.

Carol easily took out everyone at Terminus and then all the Wolves. She’s someone willing to do whatever it takes to save her family. She’s tried her best to leave, but her past has now caught up with her.

We were led to believe that she was going to try to be the farmer like Rick does on occasion, but she’s a fighter and a leader. Carol is going to be whoever they need for her to be, even if it kills her.

Do you think Carol will be buried in the next few episodes?

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