Chandler Riggs Graduates High School

When he’s not sleighing walkers on The Walking Dead, you can find Chandler Riggs trying to survive an even tougher challenge: high school. The man who plays Carl Grimes just finished up his final exams and now heads to college.

“Just took my 10th (and last) AP Exam ever. R.I.P. my brain,” tweeted the young star. The next tweet read, “Officially done with high school. Wow.” Now, Riggs is likely back on set to film Season 8 of The Walking Dead.

Riggs future has been the debate of fans for some time.

Riggs Debates College, Future Of Carl Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book writes:

“Riggs’ future after high school has been a subject of debate among fans of The Walking Dead, which the young actor joined in 2010 at 11 years old. After being congratulated on acceptance to Auburn University (a school located in Alabama which he will not be attending in the fall — in favor of an in-state school) by former co-star Jon Bernthal, the uproar of “Is Carl going to die?” questions took the Internet by storm.”

“Riggs’ character survived Season 7 of the AMC series, however, and the actor also shared his excitement to begin filming on the eighth season just a few weeks ago.”

Chandler Riggs has literally grown up on the show and there’s no reason to think he would die anytime soon, especially since Shiva saved him in the Season 7 finale.

Carl And Enid’s Love Will Go On

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In addition, Carl Grimes’ love interest Enid (played by Katelyn Nacon) has also been upgraded to a series regular, which makes us think those two will continue their puppy love story for a few more years.

Nacon joined the show back in Season 5, when she revealed she had been surviving off of turtles in the woods ever since her parents got killed. Both Nacon and Riggs will be celebrating their graduations this year.

Do you think Kirkman will ever kill off Carl Grimes?

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