Walking Dead’s March to War

TWD Game | Photo Credit CNET

According to the official press release, “The Walking Dead: March to War mobile game makes you a survivor trying to build and defend your own society from undead walkers and the ruthless living.”

For fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead, it became pretty obvious around the of the first season that people were going to be the true evil in the world, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of dead walked the earth.

The new game takes place during the comic’s March to War issues, which is also around Season 7 and Season 8 of the show.

Council Members And TWD Characters

TWD Game | Photo Credit CNET

CNET writes:

“I was first shown the game during a brief demo at San Diego Comic-Con in July, and have spent the past few days since the game’s release last week starting up my own camp and diving into the storyline.”

“March to War pairs you up with Amira, an original character created by developer Disruptor Beam, who gives advice on how to get your camp started. For the early part of the game she leads conversations with “Walking Dead” comic characters that stop by — some friendly and some not so friendly.”

Perhaps the coolest aspect will be the Council Members of the game.

Restrictions Within The Gameplay

TWD Game | Photo Credit CNET

According to sources, the Council Members are leaders of the various camps and they can even be actual characters from the comic. Carl Grimes is one of the many characters who can join a camp, along with Rick and Michonne.

However, like many other games that are free to play, the missions are often saddled with timers where gamers have to wait for one action to finish until another one can occur (unless you decided to pay a little extra).

Some timers will only be around two minutes, but others can be ninety minutes. The game is also set in the comic style.

Have you downloaded this newest game from The Walking Dead?

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