The Penny-Leonard romance relationship has been a subject of the Big Bang Theory since day 1.  It brings up all kinds of societal stereotypes that make it both comical to watch and make us root for a happily-ever-after.  On the one hand, we have the hot, popular, party girl.  On the other, we have the nerd, physics-genius, more-likely-to-go-to-Comicon-than-a-party Leonard.

Leonard hugs Penny Leonard hugs Penny by

Spoiler Alert: From Season 9. 

The two somehow end up in an against the odds relationship that kicks on and off throughout the show and eventually ends up in marriage.  It is almost the stuff of a fairy tale and perhaps even fuels the dreams of nerds everywhere.  But is such a relationship possible outside a television show?

Opposites Attract Theory

There is always the popular explanation of opposites attract.  This theory has always been highly debatable.  Scientists say it is not true while psychologists believe there is some merit to it.  So let’s look at the good parts of opposites.

Being in a relationship with someone unlike yourself is almost an adventure and a risk.  It challenges us to be more dynamic and to learn and do new things.  An opposites relationship inclines us to do things we had never thought of, think things we had never dreamed of, and achieve more than we thought possible.  An opposite can also be thought of as a complement to all the things we might have been missing, making us feel completed. 

However, if you have been in a relationship with someone opposite of you, it can almost be challenging and frustrating depending on the mindset and attitude of the people involved.  If one-half is willing to learn and expand their horizons, while the other is stuck in their views, hobbies, and mindsets, then the relationship can become conflicted and easily fall apart. 

May the Nerd be With You

Leonard stops to talk to Penny outside his apartmentLeonard stops to talk to Penny outside his apartment by

Another theory is that of the nerd. There is a stereotype that pretty girls do not like or date nerds.  This is false!  Nerds have as much chance as, or sometimes more chance than, a popular hottie.  The difference is that the latter has the confidence to approach the woman while the former does not.

So why are nerds attractive to women?  Well, first off they try harder.  Nerds believe they do not deserve the woman they have and will never get a second chance, so they make sure that she is happier than ever before. 

Along the same lines, nerds seem to appreciate you more.  The hotties tend to have lots of options, so they tend not to appreciate the individual characteristics that make you be you. 

The nerd will introduce a woman to new things!  In Leonard and Penny’s relationship, we see Penny engage in things like video games and love them to the point of addiction.  Nerds can challenge women to try new things and enjoy them!

What do you think?

Can a real life Leonard and Penny relationship exist?

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