Kunal Nayyar has done more than just wisecracking

We’ve enjoyed the comedy talents of The Big Bang Theory cast for years now. In fact, it’s likely they’re some of the highest paid actors on television right now. But there’s more than meets the eye with these actors.

Even though you might only know them for their work on The Big Bang Theory, these actors have done plenty more. In fact, some of their previous roles might surprise you.

Kunal Nayyar is no exception. Probably the most famous Indian-American actor on western television, he’s got more up sleeve than most actors out there.

Whose voice did he do?

What often surprises fans is their favorite actor isn’t just a live onscreen person in plays and shows. Many – such as in the case of Kunal – have done voice acting too.

Nayyar has lent his talents to all sorts of shows and movies. For instance, he voices Vijay Patel from Sanjay and Craig. That’s a cartoon, in case you were wondering. If you recall the film Ice Age: Continental Drift, he played Gupta. Not exactly the setting you’d expect, is it?

What’s next, a crime drama?

Actually, yes. While Kunal still hadn’t found his big break, he was making various appearances in shows around America. NCIS was one of those appearances, in which he played an Iraqi terrorist on the episode “Suspicion.” Very controversial you can imagine!

This is probably what helped him snag his big break with The Big Bang Theory. Someone from the NCIS casting department, hosted by CBS, suggested he try out for a role in an upcoming “science comedy.” Little did Nayyar realize this role would completely define his career.

An extensive list of subtle roles.

It’s interesting to see how his career has unfolded. Nayyar could’ve stayed in India to pursue acting there, in which he might’ve found a path in “Bollywood.” And if you’ve never seen an Indian blockbuster, oh boy, you’re in for a ride.

Instead, we’ve gotten a view of his current and past talents. He does voice-acting as mentioned, from Cars 3 to the recent theater release Trolls.

Since his delving into performance art he’s won two awards: The Garland Award and the Screen Actors Guild Award.

What does the future hold?

Nayyar is still adamant about his position on The Big Bang Theory. However, his popular momentum could careen him into bigger roles. Namely, he might be the star of his own show, or the lead voice of an animated feature. Dare I say, perhaps one day he could land a full-length film for himself?

Not many Indian actors make it as big as Kunal as there’re not many Indian stars in the United States. Most often they hit stardom in India on the silver screen. Kunal Nayyar is a unique case, and I genuinely hope to see him expand his presence in the entertainment industry here.

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