The Hiatus Is Over-Episode 11 Predictions Are Here

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The lengthy wait is over and The Big Bang Theory is back on track. The newest episode just premiered and with it, a realm of possibility. I’ve given it a quick review, therefore now it’s time for episode 11 predictions!

So Much Can Happen

Episode 10 created a lot of character conflicts, mainly about possessions. However, behind the comedy was a set up for an entirely new dynamic. Sheldon’s living with Amy. Leonard and Penny have an apartment to their own. And Bernadette is about to have a baby.

Stuff’s about to get wild. With all these set-ups in place, episode 11 is going to change the dynamic of the show. How? Well, here are some of my predictions.

Time for Predictions

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Either the beginning or middle of the episode will pan to Bernadette in labor. That or, we’ll have wacky shenanigans of her, Howard, Raj, and Stuart trying to get settled in at the hospital.

As for Amy and Sheldon, they’ll be putting the finishing touches on their new apartment, if not already. The same goes for Penny and Leonard. We might see the characters tossing out the last few things while trying to wrestle with their new space.

There’s also some other potential hints here. Previously, I’ve written about how Kaley Cuoco/Penny expressed an interest in starting a family. What with Bernadette going into labor, her character might start pressing Leonard on the same thing. It’s something to be aware of.

Coming Together or Splitting Apart?

I expect the entire cast will finally join together when they hear about Bernadette. Now it’s possible we may actually see the new baby in the episode. Or, it could be reserved for episode 12 as it’s easy holiday special material.

Regardless, once this happens, we’re looking at a significantly different show. Howard becoming a father, should change him up quite a bit. Can’t really be the same creeper when you’re a daddy.

Then you’ve got Raj and Stuart. I have to wonder about the latter, is he really moving in with Bernadette and Howard? Will this be a new gag they’re setting up? Or is it just a one-episode thing? Then again, he and Raj have had good comedy chemistry in the past, it’s possible we’ll see those two more often than the old Howard and Raj combo.

Wait and See

For now, my episode 11 predictions are in. What are yours? Post them in the comments and let’s see who turns out to be right. The next episode appears on December 9th, so set your clocks accordingly!

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