Here’s The Big Prediction For Maggie All Fans Are Making Right Now…


Since Maggie was in the premiere but not in the second episode of Season 8, it’s possible she’s back at Hilltop. That said, where is Gregory at this point and how is Maggie going to deal with his allegiance to the Saviors?

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Much like the end of Season 7, Negan thought he had another card up his sleeve like with the Heapsters. This time, however, his secret weapon wasn’t as valuable as he had thought it was going to be.

When Gregory came out to side with the Saviors, it was clear Maggie was the new and undisputed leader of Hilltop.

Gregory Double-Crosses Everyone

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When the war broke out at the Sanctuary, there were several people who were left stranded. Negan hid behind cover and apparently ended up in a trailer on the property while everyone else scattered.

Gregory, after being pushed down the stairs, was alone and helpless. Father Gabriel saved him, but the traitor quickly double-crossed the Priest. This led to Father Gabriel being stuck in a trailer with Negan.

It’s unclear, however, where Gregory went after he left the battlefield.

Maggie Will Need To Make Big Decisions

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Since Gregory has never killed a walker, it’s unlikely he would make it very far on his own. With that in mind, given how much he enjoys saving himself, he will likely head back to Hilltop, even though he’s not wanted.

There, Maggie will need to make a choice what to do with him. Beyond Gregory, Maggie is also going to need to decide what to do with the prisoners that Jesus and Tara are rounding up at the Saviors outpost.

Both Tara and Morgan want to kill these men, but Jesus believes there is a grey area between workers and fighters. Despite being unable to determine the difference, he wants to take all of these fighters back as prisoners.

It’s unclear what Maggie will want to do with these prisoners and with Gregory. If she were more vengeful, she may want to kill them all. However, that doesn’t seem like a plan from Maggie. Instead, she’ll need to design some sort of holding cell.

The only real way to determine who is good and who is bad would be to have Dwight identify each one individually.

Do you think Maggie will spare Gregory’s life or should he be killed?

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