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Big Bang Theory Cast Interview

The Big Bang Theory cast interview each other on the series DVDs. If you’re fortunate enough to have those collector’s items, you’ll know that these interviews are very telling. Here’s some of what we learned when the actors got together and asked each other a few questions.

Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik

Things started out tame. Mayim Bialik asked Jim Parsons what felt different from filming Season 4, versus Season 1. Jim calmly answered that he’s simply more acquainted with the work, and therefore things feel smoother. 

Mayim, however, admitted that it hadn’t gone as smoothly for her. She equated joining the cast in the fourth season to transferring schools in the middle of the year. Mayim is known for her authentic responses and didn’t hold back. She admitted the other cast members have gotten into a routine, and it’s hard to break in.

The Live Audience Factor

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So does Jim like to film in front of a live audience? The answer is yes. Jim Parsons has been well acquainted with live theater; he was a theater major in college. Therefore, he loves to get up in front of the live studio audience. He said, “My favorite thing in the world is being a part of telling a story, and there’s nothing more boring than telling the same story to the same people (as in rehearsal) over and over again. So, they come, and that’s what I’m doing it for.” This makes us want to get into that live audience just a bit more.

This makes us want to get into that live audience just a bit more.

Mayim and Jim also talked about their similarities with their characters. Jim is from Texas, as is Sheldon. Mayim is a neuroscientist, as is Amy. Both aren’t sure if the writers did that on purpose. They assume that it was, but don’t want to ask.

Their Processes

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Most interesting to hear about was the actors’ process for getting ready for each episode. Jim admitted that because so much of his material is academic, he has to straight memorization frequently. He uses notecards to prepare, and paces in his home, practicing the scientific formulas.

Mayim’s is a bit different. She is not a trained actor and admits to having a photographic memory. She can memorize an entire page of the script. That sounds like a phenomenal gift, but it can also be a burden. If edits are made, she has a hard time going back and remembering where that change was.

Clearly, these costars enjoy their time together, and we love seeing them onscreen.

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