Mary Kate Robertson has been incredibly honest and open with fans in her blog posts. “The Little Duck Wife” has had a lot to say about marrying young, and what it’s like to be wed to a famous Robertson. Here’s what she had to say about trading a typical college experience for her Duck Dynasty marriage.

Mary Kate’s Duck Dynasty Marriage

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Mary Kate and John Luke Robertson have a young and budding Duck Dynasty marriage, that was produced and shot for the family’s successful reality series. The pair were wed at only 19-years-old, and immediately moved away to college together. In a recent blog post Mary Kate explained what it’s like to be a young married college student.

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Mary Kate and John Luke attend Liberty University. Liberty is a private Christian school in Virginia. The school boasts excellent academics but draws most students in with its commitment to Christian values. Mary Kate explained that she loved moving straight to college after marriage because she didn’t have to merge her and John Luke’s friend groups.  “Because everyone knew us as “John Luke and Mary Kate” there weren’t John Luke’s friends and Mary Kate’s friends, they were our friends.” Mary Kate wrote, “We weren’t having to merge friend groups or split time between friends, we kind of just have the same friends!”

They Don’t Live In The Dorms

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Not surprisingly Mary Kate and John Luke don’t live in the dorms on campus. Instead, they live in a small home right outside the campus’s gates. The Duck Dynasty couple enjoys having friends over. The Little Duck Wife wrote, “We’ve got people coming in and out all the time who are able to get off of campus for a while and be in a home. We may have sacrificed the typical college experience, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Would you be willing to sacrifice dorm life for a Duck Dynasty marriage? We sure would. 

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