The Duck Dynasty Cast and Robertson family have been very vocal about their love of marriage and each other.  They certainly don’t shy from personal displays of affection either!  Here are five times they had serious social media PDA.

Mary Kate Likes To Let It Hang

photo by @marykaterob via instagram.comphoto by @marykaterob via

Mary Kate posted this adorable photo of the adorable Duck couple on her Instagram account last week.  She was clearly hanging all over her hubby John Luke!  The young couple married at just 19 years of age last year.  They frequently post about their marriage and love for one another.  Mary Kate stated, “Sometimes JL lets go, and just lets me “Koala” for a bit.”  Maybe the Koala hang will start to trend!

Reed’s Very Bad Wedding Night

14659235_1780341298850506_5979251837956521984_nIt’s not what you think- Reed posted this kissing photo of him and his new bride a day after being married.  He described a tale of travel woes.  The couple couldn’t get on their flight to a honeymoon destination.  Many of Reed’s followers could relate to the often trying experience of flying.  However, Reed said despite missing two days of their honeymoon he “couldn’t be more excited to adventure with you (Brighton)…Today and for the rest of my life.”

Missy Feeling Like a Newly Wed

photo by @missyduckwife via instagram.comphoto by @missyduckwife via

Reed Robertson wasn’t feeling the romantic bug the week of his wedding.  Missy Robertson posted this adorable photo of her and husband Jase Robertson days before her son’s wedding.  The pair looked adorably in love.  Missy used a fun comparison with the hashtags #Reedlovesbrighton and #missylovesjase.  How cute!  True love certainly runs in the family.


15 Years in Love

photo by @jessicaduckwife via instagram.comphoto by @jessicaduckwife via

Jessica Robertson posted this selfie of her and her husband, Jep.  She used the post to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.  The caption read, “5 yrs ago today… through good times and bad, sickness and health, rich and poor…I love you babe with all my heart!!!”  She added kissy face emojis to complete the sentiment.  What an incredible example of keeping a marriage alive!  The happy couple most recently adopted baby boy Gus to add to their lovely family.

Engagement Bliss

photo by @rebeccalorobertson via instagram.comphoto by @rebeccalorobertson via

Rebecca Lo Robertson, the owner of Duck and Dressing boutique, posted this photo with her fiance John Reed Loflin.  The caption read, “We love because it’s the only true adventure.”  The post showed the happy young couple walking hand in hand.  Rebecca and John were engaged this past January on the beach.  Loflin had hidden the ring in a seashell for Rebecca to find.  Robertson hasn’t shied away from sharing their love on social media, and quite frequently posts photos of the two together.


The Duck Dynasty cast loves their love!  We don’t see them stopping the PDA any time soon!

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