You’re Fired

Photo credit: NBC It looks like CNN finally got the message that Americans have had enough of the blatant disrespect that has been shown to President Donald Trump. It is one thing to disagree with his policies and politics, however, when you go so far as to threaten his life and scare his children, you have crossed the line.

Sadly, it’s a line that has been crossed by way too many.

Although, this time justice has been swift. After massive public outrage over Griffin’s photo, CNN has cut ties with the not-so-funny comedian. Thankfully, her less than sincere apology wasn’t enough. The network issued an early statement saying they were “pleased” Griffin apologized for the “disgusting and offensive” photo. A day later, they announced they would be parting ways with Griffin after ten years.

While this was the correct choice by CNN, and a rare show of integrity, people shouldn’t be fooled into thinking it was all about morality for the liberal network. In fact, their decision was likely made to avoid being labeled as hypocrites. After all, CNN spearheaded a campaign to have a rodeo clown fired in 2013, for a much less egregious offense. What was the clown’s crime? He wore

What was the clown’s crime? He wore an Obama mask.

Obama Mask

Photo credit: CNN

The CNN headline read “Rodeo clown mocks Obama at Missouri State Fair.” His actions were deemed so offensive to the President of the United States, that the network made it their mission to have him fired. Some who attended the rodeo were literally ashamed of the clown’s behavior, having labeled it as “racist” and “sickening.”

To put it all in perspective, President Trump has been assassinated in a Snoop Dogg video, his portrait flipped off by Martha the queen of cookies Stewart, and his severed head depicted twice in so-called “works of art.” He has also been relentlessly mocked on shows like Saturday Night Live and the left is chanting in cadence for his impeachment. 

Should we mention he has only been in office a little over three months.

Had Obama’s children been as traumatized by the clown mask, as Barron Trump was by seeing his dad’s bloody, severed head, the clown would’ve spent his life in prison. While the Secret Service is investigating Griffin, it is unlikely that anything will come of it.



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