This Bounce House Fight Scene Brought The Truth Out Of Raj And Howard


“I worked really hard on this and you haven’t even said ‘Thank youl’” exclaimed Raj Koothrappali. On the latest episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Raj and Howard Wolowitz have had some trouble in paradise.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Over the years, the two friends have been dreadfully close. Whether they’re sword fighting with light saber belt buckles or planning a first birthday party for Howard’s daughter, it would appear that the duo can always work things out.

This time, however, that meant forming a Fight Club in a bounce house.

Howard Wolowitz Vs. Raj Koothrappali

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Thank you for blaming for everything that is wrong in your life,” said Howard. “Thank you for walking out on our friendship.” Howard is upset at Raj, but Raj is mad that Howard had been mocking him for the past decade.

All in all, these things needed to be said so they could get to the point. “You’re my best friend and you hurt my feelings,” they said to one another. As long as they know the foundation, they can get past the obstacle.

Then, they get into a shoving match that reminded us of Tyler Durden telling Jack to “Hit me as hard as you can.” For Howard and Raj, the results were more comical.

“But It Was Kind Of Fun. Wasn’t It?”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“I can’t believe you shoved me. But it was kind of fun,” said Howard. Then, the duo started to shove one another. They both fell down and quickly bounced back up. In the end, it was some aggression they needed to share.

Like two kids on a trampoline, the two started to shove one another back and forth, exchanging blows. While remembering how much fun they can have together, their friendship started to mend itself.

For things to get better for these two, it’s going to be important that both feel recognized in the friendship. Since Raj is always going to be there for Howard, Halley, and Bernie, Howard is going to need to acknowledge this friendship.

In addition, he’s going to have to stop being so verbally abusive towards Raj. Likewise, Raj is going to have to be nicer to his best friend and not leave just because there’s some trouble in paradise.

What did you think of Raj and Howard’s bounce-house Fight Club?