This New Scene Will Make Your Thanksgiving This Year SO Much FUnnier…


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but Howard and Raj are already stuffing their faces in the newest The Big Bang Theory, “The Proton Regeneration.” The episode begins with the group sharing a meal at Penny and Leonard’s place.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Howard is rushing through his meal because he’s having surgery the following day. “I’ve only got two minutes,” said Howard as he shoves another mouthful of pasta into his mouth.

At this point, Leonard notices that Raj is also stuffing his face.

Howard Preps For Surgery

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“What surgery are you having?” asked Leonard to Raj. “I’m stress eating! My best friend is getting a vasectomy tomorrow,” replied Raj. As usual, their friendship seems a little unhealthy.

“You’re sad you won’t be able to bare his child?” asked Penny with a smirk. Around this time, Sheldon Cooper announces the real plot of the story. We learn that they’re going to reboot the series, Professor Proton.

Later in the episode, we catch back up with Howard and his surgery.

The Wolowitz Family Needs Rest

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Despite his attempts to walk out of the doctor’s office, Howard does go ahead and get the surgery. After having two children within their first few years of marriage, Howard and Bernadette want to make sure that they’re only having two children.

Once he has the surgery, his wife drives him home. There, he gets into bed and prepares for (at least) two days of healing. Bernadette starts off taking care of him, but then the doctor tells her to take it easy as well.

Normally, having Bernadette and Howard both on bed rest would mean that Stuart and Raj would temporarily move in. This time, however, Penny ends up being the one to help the duo with their newborn.

At first, the couple doesn’t trust Penny since she’s so free-spirited, but she ends up doing a good job. Despite their distrust, it’s clear that Halley likes Penny when she accidentally calls her “Mama” by accident.

From the bedroom, we see an enraged Bernadette listen to her baby’s first words over the sound of the baby monitor.

Do you think Howard will be healed by the next episode?