The History of Bernadette and Howard Part 1


I’ve done full recaps on all the main pairs: Amy and Sheldon and Penny and Leonard. I also did some analysis on minor pairings such as Leonard and Stephanie, Leonard and Priya, and Raj and Emily. But I haven’t touched the main pairing that said yes to marriage first. So, as Raffiki from the Lion King says, “It is time.”

The Beginning

Howard Walowitz met Bernadette Rostenkowski in season 3 of the Big Bang Theory. Bernadette’s first appearance was in the episode called “The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary.” Walowitz asked Leonard to invoke the girlfriend pact where one would set up the other if they got a girlfriend. So, Penny introduced Howard to Bernadette.

At first, she and Howard did not get along on their date. Since they appeared to have nothing in common. However, when they found out that they both had overbearing mothers they immediately felt a connection.

Bernadette asks Howard for a commitment in their relationship in “The Vengeance Formulation.” After some incorrect deliberation, he proposes to Bernadette, but she rejects. Their relationship resumed after Howard asked for a second chance when he sang his own rendition of “Bernadette” by The Four Tops.

The Break Up

Bernadette is not seen on screen again until season four. But it is explained why that is during season three. Howard announces that he and Bernadette broke up a few weeks ago to the gang. He claims that he did not tell anyone because he was waiting for the “right time.”

Bernadette makes her return in season four. It is then revealed that the two broke up because she caught Howard having cyber-sex on World of Warcraft with Glacinda the Troll. Howard convinces Penny to help him to get Bernadette to talk to him. After he apologizes, they get back together.

Big smiles on Howard and Bernadette
Big smiles on Howard and Bernadette

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Mommy Issues

After having sexual intercourse in the “Cohabitation Formulation”, Bernadette asks Howard to stay over. He refuses, since his mother required his help in the morning. Later in that episode, Bernadette decided to tackle his issue, his overbearing mother. She asked him to choose between her or his mother. He ended up choosing her, but, soon after, she realized he was deeply reliant on his mother and wanted her to take his mother’s place.

Rumors about Bernadette’s intention of breaking up with Howard start spreading among their social group. However, Howard, who was left in the dark, is thinking of proposing to Bernadette. When he finally pops the question, Bernadette accepts.

Getting Serious

Later on in “The Engagement Reaction,” Bernadette meets up with Howard’s mother in order for them get to know each other. This is directly after Howard breaks the news that he is getting married to Bernadette to his mother. She faints shortly after hearing the news. It turned out that his mother only suffered from food poisoning and she approves of Bernadette. But Bernadette is angry at Howard for leading her to believe that she was the cause of his mother’s condition. Who wouldn’t be angry about that?

Bernadette reveals that her doctoral dissertation was accepted, and that she would be receiving her PhD. Much to the happiness of Howard for her (even though his friends mocked him that his fiancee was a doctor and he was not). She was also employed by a large pharmaceutical company who would be paying her a lot of money.

She also bought him a Rolex watch with her new money. Which prompted some role reversal, as she took on the role of a rich husband doting on his trophy wife. The next morning, Walowitz visits Sheldon and Leonard, stating that he had stayed up all night fighting with Bernadette because “she gave me a beautiful watch”, much to the confusion of Sheldon.

This leads us into season five. Watch out for part two of this article.