Phil Robertson is at it again — telling people about Jesus and making crazy-good points about Him.

Phil Robertson preaching the good news (source:

Fortunately, Phil is using his celebrity reach as the patriarch of Duck Dynasty to tell people about what matters most. And when he spoke at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado, he gave the people there the perfect reason to spread the Good News.  

“Now, many on planet earth,” he said to begin his talk, “Mistake me for being a preacher.”

It’s a common mistake.

Throughout his talk, he spouted wisdom whilst tugging at his beard. His energy level was high and his passion obvious. He covered gay marriage, respecting women, and even the Supreme Court’s poor decisions in the past.

But all of this paled in comparison to his point about the proof of Jesus’ existence: the standard 12-month calendar.

Uncle SiPhil Robertson is no stranger to plainly laying out the Good News for people who need it (source:

Why a calendar? Because it’s in direct relation to the birth of Jesus.

Everyone says BC and AD. Technically, this is 2017 AD. And AD stands for the Latin term, anno Domini, which means, “in the year of the Lord.” So Phil made the point that anyone using a calendar is acknowledging the existence of Jesus, whether you realize it or not. If you measure your years in AD, you’re saying that it’s 2,017 years after the year of our Lord.

“This means there is no such thing as an atheist,” Phil pointed out. Just look at today’s date, Phil said, Jesus is with us. He’s always with us.

After his talk, that conference was more equipped to prove the existence of Jesus Christ. Just another day in the life of Phil Robertson.

Duck Dynasty castPhil Robertson loves telling people about God and baptizing them for salvation (source: YouTube)

You can watch Phil’s entire sermon below:

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