Big Bang Theory holiday gift ideas — Part Two

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Santa will be busy with these gift ideas.

While the chilly wisps of December aren’t quite here, many are already getting their shopping lists together. This includes all the Big Bang Theory fans who probably are on the lookout for ideas.

We recently created a quick list of some themed ideas for gifts this season. Now we’re going to continue to expand on the list! Here’s yet more holiday gift ideas you can stuff into stockings.

No, we can’t gift one of the actors.

Starting off with a relatively easy idea: clothing! Announce your favorite The Big Bang Theory moment to the world with one of their t-shirts. Most come with a different phrase, often from Sheldon. But, they’re an easy, inexpensive stocking stuffer to the hardiest fan.


big bang gift ideas
big bang gift ideas

If you’d like to accent this, there are also jewelry choices too. The Big Bang Theory have a variety of necklaces which, like the shirts, have a phrase from the show. It’s an easy gift idea that doesn’t burn your wallet in the process.


Now to watch it over and over.

If you’re getting into the spirit, you can also nab the holiday episodes as a digital download. While some might opt for the entire season collection, you can focus on a select few. It’s a good way to remember the goodness of the holiday spirit while getting your fan on too.

Shirts and episodes are one thing, but some prefer a bit more engagement. Just like our last listing, you can also grab The Big Bang Theory-themed Monopoly. A perfect opportunity to zing your family with “bazinga” as you drive them further into fake debt.

But wait, there’s more.

How appropriate another gift choice is for the figure collector himself. You can grab a figure of Leonard and shift him into plenty of “compromising” positions. While the detail is something to be desired, I’m sure there’s plenty of wacky photo opportunities here.

If you want to show the world how much you (or another) loves The Big Bang Theory, then the next suggestion is a themed license plate. Drivers will be subjected to an inaudible bazinga while you drive ahead.

Lastly, for those looking for some reading substance, our final suggestion is The Big Bang Theory and Philosophy. It’s available on Kindle, paperback, or if you prefer, as an audiobook.

The book’s premise is involving some of the greatest figures in philosophical history towards the problems Sheldon and the gang encounter. An exciting concept to say the least.

That’ll wrap up our second series of holiday gift ideas. May you no longer scramble for what to get this Christmas!