Actor Ross Marquand Is Impressive…

Ross Marquand, the master at nano-impressions…

Most zombie fans know actor Ross Marquand as Aaron on The Walking Dead. Many do not know, however, that he is one of the best impressionist in the world. In fact, he’s even got his own series called Impress Me, alongside Jim Meskimen.

Ross Marquand From Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins, Co | Photo Credit Ambassador CO

The actor studied theater in Boulder, not far from where he grew up. As an actor, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his work and become a master impressionist. Luckily for us, he also landed a role on The Walking Dead.

This led him to work for Conan.

Ross Marquand Worked For Conan

Ross Marquand | Photo Credit Esquire

Among his many impersonations, the actor did some work for Conan O’Brien’s late night show. There, he did impersonations such as Ben Affleck, Christopher Walken, James Gandolfini, and Kevin Spacey for Animation Domination High-Def.

Ross Marquand Played Paul Newman On Mad Men

Mad Men | Photo Credit AMC

Beyond being great at generic personations, the actor also got to play one of the great icons, Paul Newman on Mad Men. Fans of the series loved when storylines revolved around iconic heroes of the past like Newman.

Ross Marquand’s Favorite Episode Is…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Among the many iconic episodes of The Walking Dead, one of Marquand’s comes in Season 7 of the series. In “Hearts Still Beating,” Aaron and Rick attempt to raid a houseboat, but that means paddling a bullet-hole-filled boat to the houseboat.

The duo gathers two broken boards and heads towards the supply boat. On their way, however, they must also fight walkers along the way. It would appear that the deceased owner of the houseboat set up traps on purpose.

The departed owner made it almost impossible for anyone to make it to his supplies, which was his purpose. In fact, Aaron nearly lost his life on the way to complete this mission with his friend, Rick.

For the scene, actors and cameramen also faced the possibity of snakes, alligators, and snapping turtles to complete the scene.

Did you know all of these facts about Ross Marquand?

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