Two Major Clues From The Comic Book

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Fans are really diving into the new promo for Season 8 of The Walking Dead and this means guessing and researching the comic books. Sure, not everything will be the same, but some of the new clues make many of our predictions feel true.

Two major deaths from the comics include Aaron and Shiva the tiger when the war first gears up. In one quick scene, there’s a moment where it looks like Shiva has actually already been killed.

This is a moment where the action is being focused on Carl Grimes in the trailer.

Dead Animal In The Woods

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book writes:

“Following a shot of King Ezekiel’s tiger Shiva being surrounded by zombies in the woods, there is a moment, which sees Carl Grimes laying on a dead animal and taking on a zombie.”

“The go-to assumption is that Carl is laying on Shiva’s carcus. In The Walking Dead comics, Shiva is devoured by zombies during the All Out War storyline, sacrificing herself to save the king.”

“It seems unlikely, however, that The Walking Dead‘s Season 8 trailer would give away such a major moment. Still, there is plenty of reason to be worried about both Carl And Shiva after the trailer reveals them to be in such dangerous positions.”

Season 8 To Be Action-Packed

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

There’s another moment in the trailer where, in the background, it looks like Aaron’s boyfriend Eric has also been killed. This is when several Kingdommers are shot outside of the walls of the Sanctuary.

This seems like events too big to give away, but since they’re only revealed in the comic and are mere speculation based on seconds of footage, there’s no real proof that either happen until the series premieres in October.

With that in mind, based on the fact that Season 8 is supposed to be action packed, it’s likely there will be lots of other things to happen when the show returns.

Do you think Shiva and Eric will die in the premiere episode?

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