Game Of Thrones Creates The Ultimate Zombie

Last week, on Game of Thrones, it was clear that we’re about to see a lot more about the white-walkers. Essentially, while Jon Snow is trying to gather allies to fight off the approaching zombies, while the various tribes are fighting amongst themselves.

Game of Thrones | Photo Credit HBO

To prove that the white walkers were real, he decided to gather a group of misfits to head out and capture one. This nearly got him killed and did get one of the Dragon Queen’s dragons killed.

Surprisingly, they even turned the dragon into a giant, fire-breathing zombie. That said, some people think Game of Thrones will turn into The Walking Dead.

Some Fans Not Impressed

Game of Thrones | Photo Credit HBO

The Los Angeles Times writes:

“For all its success, this series built on palace intrigue and patiently unfurled storytelling has been showing some alarming tendencies as it races toward the finish.”

“Once-rich character development and time itself is being stretched thin to speed story lines along, and effects-laden battles too often rely on cheap, close calls for main characters, echoing predictable action tropes that at one time seemed beneath the show’s ambitions.”

“Before the Night King takes over next season, could someone remind “Game of Thrones” that we already have “The Walking Dead?”

Both Shows Now Action-Packed

Game of Thrones | Photo Credit HBO

Personally, I completely disagree with this verdict and feel like the show is better than ever. With The Walking Dead off the air, Game of Thrones is currently crushing the competition for Sunday night television.

What’s more, we’ve been working towards this the entire time. We know the characters, and we know their actions. Now it’s time to put those actions to work. This last season of Game of Thrones needs to be action packed or else the previous seasons weren’t leading up to anything.

Similarly, when The Walking Dead returns in October, we’re expecting major bloodshed and a hero triumph after a slow-paced Season 7 on AMC.

Can you pick a favorite show between GOT and TWD?

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