Sadie Robertson Talks Touring, and Giving Back To The World

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-29

Sadie Robertson recently spoke with the Home and Family show about her passion for service and touring the country. Here’s what the young star had to say about her current multi-city tour.

The Live Original Tour

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“That’s what I’m so passionate about,” Sadie Robertson said. No, she wasn’t talking about duck hunting, ballroom dancing, or even acting. The Duck Dynasty reality TV turned Hallmark movie star was speaking about her Live Original Tour.

In 2014 Sadie wrote a book entitled Live Original. The book centered around the star’s faith and passions, and encouraged young men and women to live authentic lives. Sadie went on to write a spin-off devotional and novel with the same name.

In 2016 Sadie announced she would be touring the country with Live Original. The tour was highly successful and has now launched a second round of cities, including Atlanta Georgia, Huntsville Alabama, and Myrtle Beach South Carolina. 

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When asked about her tour Sadie explained that it spun off of her large Instagram following. “Basically what was happening was after Dancing With The Stars I got all these followers, and it was like a life change. And like I said, I never really considered myself going into acting. So I thought, ‘what am I going to do with this? How do I steward this well?’ and I thought I’m going to take this off the screen.”

Sadie didn’t want social media to be her only way to connect with fans. “I don’t want to just encourage people on Instagram because you can hide behind the camera.” She said, “I want to go in person and talk to them, and see their faces and connect on a heart level.”

You Can Go To The Tour

For just 25 dollars you too can attend Sadie’s Live Original tour. At the event, you’ll hear Sadie preach, and give motivational talks. You also might catch a glimpse of John Luke Robertson, and a few other guests from the hit reality series. Multiple musical artists perform and there are lots of surprises in store.

Will you be attending Sadie Robertson’s Live Original tour this year?

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