Sadie Robertson recently admitted she had never taken an acting class before shooting her recent movie. The Duck Dynasty star spoke about starring in Hallmark’s Sun Sand and Romance, which premiered August 26th.

Sadie Robertson Back On Television

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Sadie Robertson’s back on television, and this time she’s reading an actual script. Sadie gained her fame and popularity as the adorable teenage girl on Duck Dynasty. Her family’s crazy antics and adventures stamped her in the hearts of many adoring fans. She then went on to perform on a different reality series- Dancing With The Stars. We knew it was only a matter of time until she broke out into scripted work.

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The star spoke with the Home and Family show on Hallmark and explained she’d always wanted to be in a Hallmark movie. “It’s kind of funny because I never really thought I would be an actress or do that kind of stuff,” Sadie explained. “But I said if I was going to act in any movie I would want it to be a Hallmark movie.” 

Sadie also admitted she’s never had any formal training in acting. She recalled asking her fellow cast mates for help. “I would ask every day, ‘okay give me a tip.’ Because I haven’t taken acting classes, so I wanted tips from the pros.”

Sadie’s Future

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It seems Sadie will remain in the public eye now that her family’s show has ended. The young star is staying very busy. She keeps up with an Instagram account that boasts over 2.9 million followers. Plus, she headlines her own 

Plus, she headlines her own Live Original tour- a multi city tour that reaches teens all over the country. Sadie also has her own clothing line and multiple books out. It seems at only twenty-years-old this lady’s done it all.

Can you think of what Sadie Robertson should try to conquer next?

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