New Best Friends In The Junkyard

Unofficially referred to as the Garbage Pail Kids and the Heapsters, Rick’s new friends looked a little bit like some familiar film characters. Everything in the episode was dirty, shiny, and leathery. 

This may be because…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Walking Dead Designer From Mad Max

The haircuts and outfits look a lot like George Miller’s post-apocalyptic world in Mad Max. Perhaps this is because The Walking Dead’s producer design Graham Walker worked on Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

What did Andrew Lincoln think about this new world…

Mad Max | Photo Credit Mind Bending Truth

Andrew Lincoln On Mad Max-Like Environment

“The wonderful thing about this episode, alongside the characters, is this crazy environment that Grace managed to put together in just a few days. He created this incredible environment – it’s not a set, it’s an environment. And it’s shot beautifully. It’s wild and weird and very disorienting, which worked perfectly for the sequence with the pinheaded zombie,” said actor Andrew Lincoln.

But The Walking Dead has been compared to Mad Max before…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Mad Max Meets The Walking Dead

The film stars Mel Gibson and Tina Turner, but this isn’t the first time that The Walking Dead has been compared to Mad Max as both are set in a post-apocalyptic future.

As for the future of the Garbage Pail Kids…

Walking Dead – Mad Max | Photo Credit Comic Book

More To Come From The Junkyard

As long as Rick can find some guns, we’ll probably see more of this new group of trash-dwellers. Hopefully, they also fight like Mad Max…

Mad Max | Photo Credit Wired

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