How Willie and Korie Robertson Handle Mental Illness In Their Home…


The Robertsons may have what seems like every avenue of success, they still deal with some of the same problems average families in America do everyday. Sadie Robertson recently revealed how her parents, Willie and Korie Robertson, helped pull her out of a messy bout of anxiety.

Willie and Korie Robertson Raise Strong Minded Teens

Now more than ever, more teens and young adults are struggling with anxiety in America. Experts aren’t sure whether parents should push their children, pull back on the pressure, or do nothing at all.  However, Willie and Korie Robertson seem to have some answers. They found them in the Bible.

Korie said that parenting Sadie Robertson was a challenge from an early age. She was her most fearful child, afraid every night of tornados that aren’t even prevalent in Louisiana. Korie said she, “Told her that God lives inside of her and He didn’t give her a spirit of fear, but one of power! I often told her sometimes you just have to do it afraid.”

Sadie Robertson attributes her mother’s willingness to listen and understand with her healing. She said, “She came on my level almost. She didn’t become afraid and she didn’t justify my fear. But she like grabbed my hand and she pulled me out.”

Bible Verses Are Key

Like most things in life, Willie and Korie Robertson find their answers in the Word of God. Sadie said her mother, “learned so many verses in the Bible about being fearless even though that’s not what she struggled with, just to speak it over me.”

Korie said of her daughter, “She has dealt with it off and on in numerous ways, but I have seen her overcome these fears one by one. God is doing big things through her because of her willingness, in spite of her fears, to trust in Him and lay it all at His feet.”

It seems Willie and Korie Robertson really know what they’re doing when it comes to parenting anxious teens. They refer to the Bible, and really take the time to listen. We think more parents would benefit from following their example.