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As The Big Bang Theory finale episode draws near, fans are worried that Sheldon and Amy’s relationship may be tested. Here’s what’s going to happen in Season 10’s final episode. 

We know that Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik signed contracts to come back from The Big Bang Theory season 11 and 12. However, it seems like Amy might be leaving the show, or at least considering it when she’s offered a new job during the season finale.

Producers have admitted they had no backup plan in case Mayim and Melissa didn’t sign. Steve Molaro said, “We never paid attention to it. We were always confident that it was going to work itself out…I don’t even really want to think about what ‘Big Bang Theory’ would be without them. We chose to live in a world where it was happening and just keep pushing forward.”

With that in mind, Amy’s new job was clearly never a move to write her out of the show, but could it be a test of the SHAmy relationship? In the last episode, Amy was offered a position at Princeton, forcing Sheldon and Amy to be long distance for at least the summer.

Ramona’s Back

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When Amy leaves for Princeton, will Sheldon’s former flame Ramona step into Amy’s place? Steve Molaro again teased, “One of the things that we found interesting while Amy’s away is what happens if another woman comes in and makes a play for Sheldon and how that would affect everybody…It really gave the entire group a moment to rally and be protective in the most loving way of Sheldon and Amy and their relationship. I like how the story united everyone.”

We’re pretty sure Sheldon and Amy will make it. They have the strong communication skills needed for a long distance relationship, and clearly, the lack of physical intimacy isn’t going to kill him.

Will you be watching the Big Bang Theory finale this week?


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