second season of fear the walking deadIf you’ve seen the recent episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, you know they’ve been more memorable than most of last season.

The scenes are more vibrant, creative and give us more time to digest and take them in. There may not have been a lot memorable moments in the first season, but that will continue to change from here on out according to the creators of the series.

The entire way the show is being laid out and created is different from a story standpoint and production standpoint. During the making of season one, creators may have bit off more than they could chew. That may have taken away from the quality and ability to really know the characters. This times its different, they intend to spend more time giving us characters back stories. Viewers will also be able to count on things being slowed down a bit so they have more time to absorb the show. That’s not to say it will be boring, just more manageable for everyone from the production staff, to the actors to the viewers.

In order to help develop the characters more, the creators will use flashback scenes similar to those we used to see in LOST.

Using flashbacks will allow for fuller development of characters while at the same time slowing down the story a bit in present time, Fear the Walking Dead. After watching Los Muertos and seeing firsthand, how the flashback scenes worked with Nick, I think it works well with the show and will help improve its watch ability.

Second Season of Fear The Walking DeadFear the Walking Dead will begin to focus on primarily on different characters on different episodes, breaking up the family more to develop each character more fully as a single entity rather than developing the group as a hole.


For the first time, the cast will also be shooting on location where they also live in Rosarita.

Many cast members will be able to simply role out of bed, walk down stairs and begin filming in the hotel since that is where many of them are staying. The director, Erickson will be exploring more of the Mexican landscape so that will definitely change the dynamic of the show as well. You can already sense the different in vibes when the scenes in Colonia are rolling. This is the first time either series in the Walking Dead Universe has been shot in Mexico.

Fear the Walking Dead’s Season 2 Mid-Season break recently ended on August 21st. For future episodes on the show, make sure to watch it on AMC, Sundays at 9pm ET. Make sure to follow this page for fresh content updates then like, share and comment below with any thoughts you may have about the show.

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