Willie Nelson, one of the greatest country artists of all time, recently suffered a devastating loss.

Willie NelsonWillie Nelson recently experienced a devastating loss, one that can not be reversed no matter what (photo from Country Boss)

After decades in the music industry and becoming so famous, he’s been able to become friends with a lot of other great musical talents and celebrities. In fact, he even said he’d smoke a joint with President Donald Trump.

“Oh, I’d smoke one with anybody,” said Nelson, who owns a marijuana line called Willie’s Reserve.

But one of his strongest relationships was with songwriter and musician Larry Butler. They’ve been friends since the beginning of Nelson’s career, and the two men even performed together just a few weeks ago.

Butler didn’t just play with Nelson though — he played with a ton of famous country artists and was also a member of the Texas country community. He became know as one of the “Country Gentlemen.” 

This is the kind of company Willie Nelson keeps.

Larry Butler (left) and good friend Willie Nelson (right) performing together on stage, something they really enjoyed doing and something they can no longer do ever again (photo via stillisstillmoving.com)

But sadly, Nelson broke the news to the public that Butler had died at the age of 85 on Sunday, May 14, 2017.

“Goodbye to a great friend and musician,” he said.

Butler’s obituary gave him a nice goodbye as well.

“His music touched all those who heard it, because Larry Butler, above all else, played for the love of the music and the crowds who came to hear it,” it reads.

Butler is survived by his three daughters, Tammy, Tina, and Teresa, his brother, Roy, sister, Billie, and so many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Check out Butler, Nelson, and the late Ray Price perform together on stage in the video below…

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