Willie NelsonWillie Nelson is neither for Trump nor against him (photo from Country Boss)

Willie Nelson is a critic of a lot of things. Bro-country, anti-climate change people, and, most recently, Donald Trump.

After the recent footage of Trump using language that the presidential hopeful describes as “locker room talk,” the critics have come out of the woodwork to hail their opinions.

Nelson talked with KSAT San Antonio about the controversy swirling around the 2016 presidential debate. 

“When you have a mic on, you know you have a mic on,” Willie Nelson said about the leaked footage.  “Even on a bus, he knew he was wired. It’s just bad judgement, that’s all.”

Willie NelsonDonald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, is a “hustler” according to Willie Nelson (photo from Florida Agenda)

“I like to tell jokes,” he continued. “You know, I like to tell a lot of dirty jokes, a lot of jokes that wouldn’t be considered air-worthy.”

So is it okay if someone exercising “bad judgement” runs for president? Should that person be the leader of the free world?

Does it concern Nelson?

“Well, sure it does,” he said.

Even though he’s not a fan of Trump, Nelson did not say he was voting for Hillary Clinton. He gave no indication as to whom will receive his vote.

He said he’s known Trump for many years and has played in Trump’s casino several times.

What does he think of Clinton?

Willie NelsonWillie Nelson pictured with Lyle Lovett, Bill Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg and Eric Clapton (photo from stillisstillmoving.com)

“She’s fine, a great gal,” he said. “That’s why I’m not in politics. I don’t want to get into that. That’s not what I do.”

But when Nelson talked with CNN, he said some nice words about Trump when the interviewer asked him if Trump could become president.

“Well, stranger things have happened, I suppose,” he said. “I don’t have anything personally against Donald. I think he’s a great hustler. As a brother hustler, I wish him well. You know, he’s a great salesman. Whether that would make a good president, I don’t know.”

He does have some general thoughts on the election, even though he hasn’t (yet) endorsed anyone for president.

“It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Nelson said about the presidential campaigns. “I’ve seen the circus a few times, but this beats any circus I’ve ever seen.”

And it’s been more negative than positive, Nelson adds.

“Seems like they’re just tearing each other down,” he said. “They can’t wait to say something negative about somebody and then they still want us to vote for them.”

But the ultimate test is…would Willie smoke a joint with Trump?

“Oh, I’d smoke one with anybody,” said the owner of a marijuana line, Willie’s Reserve.

Willie NelsonWillie Nelson as seen in a video clip with Jimmy Fallon (photo from Consequence of Sound)

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