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In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, Kaley Cuoco admitted that her backstage crew had caught her in quite a few incriminating photos. It appeared Kaley was never paying attention during serious writer’s meetings and rehearsals on the Big Bang Theory set. Here’s what she had to say.

Kaley Cuoco appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on March 4th to celebrate wrapping the 10th season of Big Bang Theory. The star had something to admit to Fallon.

Kaley shared photos with Jimmy that one of her backstage crew members had snapped during rehearsals and tapings of the show. Kaley said, “One of the writers assistants actually asked if she could start taking behind the scenes photos to kind of keep memories up of the show.” After ten years there’s a lot of history, and these cast members take their work very seriously. Well…all of the cast members it seems except Kaley.

photo by @normancook via instagram.com

Kaley went on, “I said, ‘Just take randoms like when we’re in the action’…So she has been and she proceeded to send me hundreds of pictures. Every picture I somehow am smiling directly into the camera, not working at all!” It seems Kaley was always ready to pose while her fellow colleagues were discussing important direction. 

Not Listening To Directors

Photo by @normancook via instagram.com

Jimmy held up the photos and Kaley pointed out where she is smiling right at the camera while Jim Parsons and others speak seriously with writers. She even noted Chuck Lorre, the show’s creator was speaking in one photo where she is clearly not paying attention.

We guess a little bit of Penny has totally rubbed off on Kaley. After all, Penny definitely wouldn’t be paying close attention during the boring serious part of filming an episode.

However, we’re sure these photos are isolated incidents. Kaley and her cast members do an excellent job portraying the Big Bang Theory characters, and clearly, she puts a lot of thought into her work.

Did you watch Kaley Cuoco on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon?

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