Sheldon Cooper’s Dad Discussed TBBT

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With Young Sheldon starting up in its first season, we’re starting to learn more about Sheldon Cooper’s dad on The Big Bang Theory. In the fourth episode, this occurs after Howard learns he’s having a baby boy.

Howard is unsure of himself and his potential abilities to raise a man. Since he doesn’t like sports and his father never taught him to play catch, he’s worried he too will be a disappointment.

Surprisingly, he and Sheldon bond over this trait.

Sheldon Cooper’s Dad “Wasn’t Interested…”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“I always wanted my dad to build rockets with me, but he wasn’t interested,” said Sheldon. In the scene, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard are surrounded by rockets that Howard built as a kid.

Because his father wasn’t there, he found an interest in engineering, and that’s likely what led him to becoming an astronaut. Thanks to this neglect, Howard became the man he is today.

This companionship reminds fans of Sheldon Cooper’s dad on Young Sheldon.

Sheldon Cooper’s Dad Taught Him THIS…

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

“I suppose, in his own way, my dad also encouraged me to pursue science,” said Sheldon Cooper. “He is the one that taught me that flatulence is combustible. And, also, polyester gym shorts don’t burn. They melt.”

It’s unclear how The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon are going to connect the two stories. We know that Sheldon Cooper’s father died at a relatively early age, but he is a character on Young Sheldon, when the boy is nine.

The show could creep along and never discuss the death until the final episode. As for actor Iain Armitage, this would just mean that the show would revolve around his growth spurts in real life.

It’s clear that the new show could easily last four seasons with the father. And, the creators have said it doesn’t have to be linear. This might mean that two seasons could be one year in high school on television, and so on.

Do you think we’ll continue to see Sheldon Cooper reflect on his dad?

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