Adoption is amazingly beautiful, but it does have a lot of hurdles to jump through.

When Willie and Korie Robertson were trying to adopt their son, Willie Jr., the biggest obstacle was the money. Most adoptions from the United States can cost the adoptive family anywhere between $35,000 and $45,000.

From left: Korie, Willie, John Luke, and Willie Jr. (photo via People) But they were determined to adopt this baby boy. 

“From the moment we found out about him, he was ours,” Korie said at the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s Angels in Adoption Gala. She and Willie had been honored there in early 2017.

Willie said they were going to find the money for the adoption, no matter what.

Willie Robertson Jr. is on the far left (photo via Pinterest)

“We said, ‘We’re good for it — we’ll come back,’” Willie said. “We’ve paid it, by the way.”

The Robertsons have a “no child left behind” mentality.

“There shouldn’t be kids without homes,” Korie said, her love and passion for adoption coming to the surface. “It just shouldn’t happen.”

She said all you really need in order to adopt is an extra bed — community, grants, fundraisers, and loans can help with the financial side of things.

“It’s just about having an extra bedroom, or an extra bed for a kid…” she said. “And having the heart to say you know we can do this.”

She believes more Christians should be the ones adopting or helping others adopt. We can all do our part.

“[Adoption is] important because of awareness,” she said. “I think a lot of the time it’s something that we don’t know. We don’t talk about it, so we don’t really know the need for adoption.”

The United States has about 100,000 children just waiting for parents to adopt them. And fortunately, the Robertson got one of those children.

“I swear, I had labor pains the night before I went and picked him up at the foster home he was living at,” Korie said. “He’s our child, just like our biological children.”

Watch Willie talk about adoption below…

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