More than 2,000 people watched Korie Robertson’s Facebook Live video on Thursday. As of this writing, the video has nearly 150,000 views. What’s all the hype about?

Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty (photo via The Gospel Herald)

In this video, she made a big announcement while at the camp where she and her husband, Willie, met in third grade — Camp Ch-Yo-Ca.

She started the video by reminding viewers that she had released a groundbreaking book called Strong And Kind a couple years back. The book covers the topic of parenting as well as stories from her and Willie’s parenting experiences. It’s not so much of an advice book as it is a story book.

“I wrote that book a couple years ago, but I wrote it before we got [newly adopted 12-year-old son] Rowdy,” she said. “So in the last couple years, our lives have changed a lot. We adopted him and it was finally final last September. Because he wasn’t in the book, because he wasn’t in the family yet, I wanted to write his story.”

Rowdy Robertson is second from the left (photo via Pinterest)

She then announced that she will be re-releasing the book with a never-before-seen chapter that tells the story of how they met and adopted Rowdy. The new edition of the book will be available on June 13.

“Congratulations!” commented one fan. “We are so Happy Happy Happy for you and the release of your new book. Y’all are such an awesome inspiration. God bless you and your sweet family!”

Another fan appreciated both their perspective and camps in general.

“Camp is such a life changing experience for everyone involved!” they said. “You guys are awesome for continuing the traditions with your kids and make it possible for others!”

To grab your own copy of the new edition of the book, click here!

And you can check out Korie’s video for yourself below…


I have a special announcement to make!!

Posted by Korie Robertson on Tuesday, June 6, 2017


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